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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Not Build A Pergola

Raised Garden Picture  Why Not Build A Pergola

I love to look at magazines  and or pictures of outdoor spaces, and have always liked the looks that a Pergola adds to a yard, so when I ran across this, I just had to share.  If you are wanting to add value and little  pizazz to your outdoor living/entertaining areas, and don't know what to do, Why Not Build A Pergola.  Whether you are looking to provide shade for your Patio, Deck, or Outdoor Kitchen or even the swing in the backyard, let your imagination guide you since there are no set rules of how big, how high, what shape or even what color a Pergola can be. Even if you don't need the shade, having a place to hang planters or grow flowering vines or even an entrance to the backyard, will add great appeal to those blah places. Hope you enjoy it.   Just click on the link above on how to get started.