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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Maybe Next Year

  • I always enjoy looking at pictures getting tips on the best ways to decorate for the Holidays as I used to be that person that spent a whole week decorating the entire house and putting a tree everywhere I could find a spot.  The last several years we have not been able to stay at home for Christmas as all of our family is up north so all the decorating has gone by the way side with a little less done every year.  It's just so depressing to come home after the first of the year and then have to put it all that away, so I just stopped putting myself thru that.  I just love a beautifully decorated home thou as it makes it feel some warm, inviting and festive and I just love all the Christmas lights whether they are colored or clear, twinkle or don't.  Each year since we've been going north at Christmas I tell myself I'm going to go ahead and decorate anyway to help get into the "holiday spirit", but then each year comes and goes with just some wreaths on my front windows and maybe a pine swag and bow on my mail box and if I'm really energetic Ill string lights on it .
    I've found that adding a couple poinsettias by the fireplace and on the dining room table, and melting balsam fir in my scentsy pot does seem to do the trick for the " I'm not decorating because I wont be home"  person. 
    Maybe next year.  Ill keep you updated

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