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Thursday, January 30, 2014



Last week I received notice that my application was accepted to participate in BETA test program for a new mobile real estate app  designed to help you stay organized and on task in this mobile on the go world we now live in.

In the application I was to list the “techy” things and the programs I currently use to help keep me organized and up to date in my real estate business.  I also had to detail my thoughts on how I was going to be able to reach my 2014 goals, and I realized that  in every note I was making in preparation of my application there was always one key common word that I kept writing down and that was TIME
Time can be your best asset if used properly, but to most its an enemy  because they waste so much of it.  How many times do you hear people say “ I didn’t have time” , when really what they should have said was “I didn’t take the time”  We all have 24 hours in a day, its how we manage it that makes or breaks us.  You have the same number of hours per day that Albert Einsten and all the other great leaders in history before us had, so I didn’t have time is nothing more than poor management skills.
We manage our money, we know how much we have, where its at and where it has to go, ,  and we even invest it to make more, but we fall short when managing the best commodity that we have,  which is TIME.


Time is more valuable than money….You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. How are you spending your time????  ~Jim Rhon



  If you worked every day as hard an as efficient as you do the day before vacation, just think how successful you could be.    It’s the LIST that you make and the deadline you have to work on that makes that day a successful accomplishment,  so why is it you don’t do that every day?


  Every day that I drive to the office I automatically lose an 1 hour 15 minutes of precious time just in travel, so I'm going to manage those other hours the best I can, to get the most success I can from it,  or the gas that I just used up to get to and from was a total waste. 

Here are a few of my thoughts on using time to my best advantage to stay efficient 
        I have a schedule for my basic daily work tasks, which consists of things I need to do everyday to stay on top of things and in business. and try the best I can to stick to it.  I've found that keeping to a routine makes for a smother and more productive day.  Get yourself a 24 hour calendar and start blocking off time for the basics you do everyday and you might have to tweak it the first couple weeks to see what schedule works best for you, but once you have that time slot designated and its working, your already on your way to an efficient routine 
                                                       USE YOUR TIME WISELY
          Work from a List.  Every Sunday evening I make out a list of the things that I really want to get accomplished (over and above my daily lists) in the coming week, and then every evening I make a list of what I want done and things needed to be completed for the next day.  This works excellent for me and once my daily tasks are done then I can go to my "what I want to get accomplished this week" list and start chiseling away at that.   This way you prioritize your jobs, so when you get called to show houses or to go look at a house for a listing that day you that your weren't expecting you have a clear mind because your have to jobs are done and you wont have to worry about things you still haven't taken care of yet. 
                                                          PRIORITIZE YOUR EMAILS  
The first thing I do in my daily work schedule is prioritize my emails   I only read an answer emails first that are important and pertain to my clients or business that are imperative and need to be addressed ASAP.  I have several folders in my Outlook email program and move the rest of the emails to those category folders to look at when I'm done working for the day, so its on my own time.  There’s always interesting email articles about real estate items or sale ads from merchants on the next hottest item, but those emails aren’t going to make or break me that day so I move them to a folder to read later on my own time.   If I was an employed worker for someone else I  wouldn’t be able to read personal emails at work so why should I do it in my own business.  
                                 FACEBOOK , has nothing to do with work, so leave it at home.  
 You can do a status update, post articles or video tours of your listings to your  business page without even opening up Facebook, so read it and watch your friends funny videos on your own time.
It's all about common sense and self control, and applying it to your daily habits